Perhaps it was being told she would "never be a leader" that catapulted Monica Wilkinson on a journey to prove to her naysayers that a girl from Gary, Indiana could, in fact, lead and accomplish amazing things with her life.

Executive Facilitator, Event Planner, and Consultant.  

Having always been a deep thinker and creator of systematic processes, Monica discovered her niche in assisting others, understanding how to lighten their loads and recognizing the obscure needs of leaders. Her “nothing is above or beneath me” attitude has granted Monica opportunities to work closely with high-profile figures in fast-paced environments and yield stellar results in ways she never imagined.

Because of Monica's experience in an array of industries working along side singers, speakers and producers, Monica has an understanding of what it takes to balance a demanding--and many times-- hectic lifestyle and a career. She was first given the opportunity to understand this balance working as an executive assistant for Solomon's Porch Women's Society, an organization geared toward providing private enrichment forums for high-profile women across the United States.  After working for Solomon's Porch for nearly a decade, Monica relocated to Houston, Texas where she has helped a number of artists and worked as the executive assistant to a Grammy Award-winner, singer and songwriter. It was also in Houston, TX that Monica managed systems and over 500 volunteers at one of the fastest growing churches in America; Hope City Church. She also has coordinated many events, managing a variety of programs and projects.  

Monica is a gifted communicator and proven team-leader who thrives in high-paced environments and satisfies her clients with exemplary results.